So, this is my first ever blog at wordpress. I feel like I should write something profound, or important. Possibly something mildly philosophical, but alas, no such thoughts have entered my mind.

This is not the first blogging site that I have ever used; in fact I believe my total currently stands a two other sites, including Livejournal and Blogspot. The Blogspot journal has several strands attached to it for the purpose of work that I was doing last year, the LJ has several friends from The Reviews Lounge.

So, what was the purpose in creating a WordPress blog?

Aside from wanting a change of scenery, as it were, I plan on doing NaBloPoMo at some point, and wanted somewhere other than Livejournal to do it. Plus, I’d let people read this one, LJ is a closed community for me – I don’t mind random people straying onto this blog, as it were.

A bit about the name. Kialtho – it’s not a name I have ever used before, and shall probably use it again in the future – it does not derive from anywhere of interest other than a meme. (If you really wanted to know, it is apparently my Star Wars name).

A bit about me, perhaps?

A student, although not for much longer. An amateur photographer. A writer/novelist. A workaholic. There is not much to know otherwise, but I’m sure I’ll reveal more information as time goes gone.

Journals, blogs, writing about yourself… it’s all a bit egocentric at the end of the day. And it is something that I enjoy doing, and shall continue to do, regardless of its egocentricity.Politics, popular culture, music. These things reveal insights into the people you know, and the people you don’t.

Ultimately, the world of blogging is a fascinating sociological experiment in human nature. (Discuss)

More from Kialtho later.