I should write now, and highlight (somehow) that there shall be *SPOILERS* for the latest Doctor Who episode. SPOILERS!

River Song: Time is running out.

Doctor: Did you just say that Time is running out?

An interesting episode. Or at least, an interesting concept behind the episode – the Angels (and not Angles, as I originally wrote, the threat of geometry stumping the Doctor… that would be funny, and tiresome).

Over the two-part episodes the Angels weren’t scary. Not really, especially if you compare them to the Angels of ‘Blink’ which genuinely made me jump when I first saw them. The concept behind them was that much more…. substantial.

Sally Sparrow: Sad is happy for deep people.

I’m trying to remain objective in watching this new series, but I find the writing has not really compared to the writing of Russel T.Davies… it feels like the series is missing something… but I don’t know what that is yet. It’s quirky… but not quirky enough. I also feel that whilst 11 is different to 10, he’s just not *that* different. The same, but not.

Amy Pond: I’ve been thinking about WHO I want. Do you get it? WHO…

I felt that this sort of came out of no where. Throughout the past two episodes I got the feeling that there was greater (romantic) chemistry between River Song and the Doctor. It felt like Mum and Dad and the baby, in this case Amy was the child and the remaining two were the parents. From the way the episode developed, and with Amy continually putting the emphasis on the Doctor’s relationship with River Song.

Amy Pond: Is she going to be your wife.

Doctor: Yes.

I think it would be far too obvious for River Song to have killed the Doctor as well. I understand that their relationship is complex (Timey-wimey and all that) but really? I don’t know.

Doctor: The Bishop said you killed someone.

River Song: Yes.

Doctor: A good man.

River Song: The best man I have ever known.

The crack in the wall? What happened to the secret messages, hidden throughout Time and Space (Bad Wolf, Torchwood, Vote Saxon, YANA etc.)

Amy Pond: It’s the same crack that was in my wall when I was a little girl. It’s the same shape. How can that be?

Like I say, a review of sorts. I will watch it again and see if my opinion changes on the matter. At the moment the new series is hanging on the ‘Wait-and-See’ thread still. Perhaps too much has been promised from the series too soon, or perhaps too much was expected from Steven Moffat’s writing.