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So, for the British people, today is election day.

I have to say that I’m disappointed in the lack of advertisement for this election. I think I was more hyped up about the American election than this one. It just doesn’t feel right. (I was hoping someone, somewhere would put a ‘Vote Saxon’ poster up, but alas, I was disappointed). From what I understand the parties were more focused on the television debates, on waging an online election campaign (Facebook, Twitter) in an attempt to get a younger generation interested in politics. That only works, however, if you have Facebook or Twitter, and whilst I have a Twitter account, I’ve never used it, and Facebook was deleted about 5 months ago now. Where were all the posters? Where were the people campaigning for their parties?

The area I live is considered a safe Conservative seat. It shouldn’t matter whether I seat is considered safe, there should have still be a visit or two from campaigners. Why wasn’t David Cameron showing us what he could do here?

So you might think that this is mildly self-centred. I don’t think it is – I don’t feel remotely connected to the local seat – why should I when I don’t even know who he is?

Let us hope that this election will bring change. And I’m not talking the Conservative ‘Vote For Change’ policy either. I’m talking real political change.

Being a history student and knowing the history of the Vote, and the women’s Vote, I find it irritating that people won’t bother to go out and vote – it’s everyone’s country, everyone should bother to make the effort to have a say in it – those campaigners; the Chartists, the Suffragettes, Suffragists… they’d all be turning in their graves if they saw what they had fought for today.

Any way, enough of the political spiel. On to something else.

I’ve always been a bit of a gamer growing up. I have vivid memories of playing Sonic the Hedgehog when I was younger with my twin, growing up with things like Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot (I was a devoted Playstation girl). One game I used to love was Tomb Raider. My favourite was Tomb Raider II: the Dagger of Xion. I’ve played most of them, and have never really completed most of them without cheats of some kind (well, until Legend).

Tomb Raider: Legend re-invoked my love for the franchise. Anniversary rocked as well.

So imagine my excitement when I heard that Tomb Raider: Underworld was being made/released. I dragged Nuri to Game on the release day only to find out that the release for the Playstation 2 (the only big console I have) had been delayed for unspecified reasons. After keeping up to date with whether the game was to be released or not, I quickly forgot about it – I mean owning pretty much the rest of the collection was alright, right?

So one day I was looking in the pre-Owned section of Game Station – they don’t tend to make too many new games on PS2 these days – I found Tomb Raider: Underworld on PS2. I bought it without thinking… took it home, played it briefly for maybe 10 minutes not really liking the controls and figured I’d wait until I had more time to play.

I took the opportunity today to play it for a bit. Imagine my disappointment when the game I thought I had saved hadn’t. Having given the game more of a chance, I have to say, it is awful on the PS2. It’s probably fantastic on PS3, X-Box and even PC – it’s where the game was designed to be played. The controls are sloppy, the gameplay lags, and fails to efficiently respond to the control pad. The graphics would be alright if they weren’t obscured by the shoddy camera movement, the inability to effectively control Lara or the simplicity of the puzzles. I suppose they had to make it simple to keep up with the lagging camera movement.

I can’t help but feel incredibly disappointed at the lack of thought that seems to have gone into making the PS2 version. It seems as though it was made as an afterthought to the PS3 version of the game.

Ultimate Verdict = Tomb Raider: Underworld on PS2 = FAIL!