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Little Monsters go to the Monster Ball!

I’ve been writing this in my head all day, but when it comes to actually putting pen to paper, I’m not doing so well. I wanted to write this, and I also made a promise to update this before the night is out! So, without further adieu – Kialtho shall take her readers, and fellow Little Monsters, to the Monster Ball…

Imagine my surprise when a little over six weeks ago I was invited to go to The Monster Ball aka Lady Gaga in concert. I’ve always enjoyed her music, although I have to say never envisioned that I would go to see the newest Princess of Pop live in concert. I think my liking of Gaga began when I was home from university between year one and year two, when my sister obsessively played Poker Face and Just Dance. I used to liken it (in a way) to Stockholm syndrome – I’m a metal fan, not a pop fan – but like her I did, and whilst not being as obsessive as my devoted Monster sister, I certainly played and re-played the songs.

Can you imagine it? Sitting in the car, listening to the tracks as loud as they can go on the little car radio that we had, playing through the iPod connected through a radio link that failed as we entered London – the atmosphere was electric. The excitement building as we drew nearer the destination – the O2 Arena, London – the realisation that in a few short hours we were going to be in the same room as the woman who has become such an icon in such a short period of time. This was my first pop concert in 21 years.

We enter the building, find the way to out gate and join the cue. We were early enough to know we would be pretty damn close to the front – to Lady Gaga herself, the self proclaimed Mother Monster – and we, her fans, the Little Monsters.

The support act, and having never heard of them before, was brilliant. They helped set the tone with their own brand of weird and wonderful.

Semi Precious Weapons and Lady Gaga go way back apparently, and you could certainly see the influences in their music and styles. They were also a punk/rock type band – something I really wasn’t expecting at a pop concert. But then again, this is Lady Gaga, and nothing is quite normal.

The Mother Monster herself was absolutely fantastic. She put on a show, and a blinding one at that. Admittedly before she came on stage, I was apprehensive that she wasn’t going to live up to my expectations, however, she proved me wrong and she far surpassed them. Her brand of weird and wacky seemed surprisingly normal in the crowd that had assembled to watch her performance.

Before she came on stage there was this visible, almost touchable wave of excitement and anticipation that built and bubbled over when the first light went up and the countdown began. All through the performance, it was immaculate. The crowd was fantastic (except, it should be said, for the woman next to me who sounded like she wasn’t happy all night – idiot) and responsive, and Gaga herself took the time to interact with us as well – which to me showed that whilst she may be a superstar (!) she seemed fairly down to earth, and seems to respect her fans a great deal.

There wasn’t an interval, but with the complex set changes that happened – I think there were about four or five – that didn’t matter. She went for the full two hours entertaining the crowd and she looked fantastic doing it. Although it much be said, she looks a lot shorter in real life than I had imagined – for some reason I thought she’d be taller, even with the heels. Still, it was epic.

Telephone, being my favourite song at the moment, was a highlight. I also loved the version of ‘Stand by Me’ was just ‘wow’. Bad Romance was probably the best, and most anticipated song of the evening especially as it was the finale/encore of the show.  Alejandro was also brilliantly performed (as was all of the set, these are just a few of my favourites!)

There is actually nothing bad that I can say about the show at all. I loved every single minute of it, and would certainly love to go again. And it was most definitely worth the price of the tickets (at £65 each, you would hope that it would be!).

A special shout out goes to the two love men we were talking to before and during the show! You two rocked! (And I hope this doesn’t disappoint!)

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