If a tree falls in a forest, and nobody hears/sees it, did it really fall?

Life is a strange old thing. So much goes on in everyone’s own little universe. Sometimes, people throw the phrase ‘they need to live in the real world’ around – and they do. It’s just that this world is different to the next person’s world.

This question, about the tree falling in the woods, was my favourite question to pose to my philosophy teacher.

If the tree fell, and nobody comprehends it – did it really fall? How would you know that it fell? You would have to go out and look for said tree, and find visual evidence for the act of falling.

There isn’t much of a purpose to this minor blog, but to get the reader to think in general. That is the essence of philosophy; at least, it is in my opinion anyways.

And with any discussion of philosophy – there should always be this to listen too: