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When people ask you what sort of music you’re into, what do you say? Do you name a specific band? Do you name a genre of music? Or perhaps you say the genre of music that you don’t happen to like?

With me I’m really quite eclectic with my music styles. I love anything with an orchestra, just because of the complexity of the music and the power it evokes. I also love it because of the stories and adventures it inspires in my head.

Right this moment I’m listening to some Pink Floyd come David Gilmour music on Sky Arts. This morning they played the entire ‘Pulse’ concert from 1994 and now it’s David Gilmour’s ‘Remember That Night?’

There’s a power in Floyd’s music that is just… amazing. The vocals, the music – just everything about it, and how it was so far ahead of its time. How impressive is it to know that Pink Floyd’s music is still big now, still getting that sort of air time?

One of the reasons I love Pink Floyd is because my mum does, and she’s brought me up listening and appreciating complex music like that – it’s one of the reasons why I love bands like Queen, Epica and Nightwish to be honest. Complexity.

It’s been a rather musical week this week. Sunday I went to London with my boyfriend, a friend from work and Nuri [link]. We went to see Doctor Who at the Proms. One word describes it all: AMAZING.

I love seeing how music just melds together, seeing everything live and the sounds and symphonies that are created, the importance of all the instruments involved – it’s just – wow. Seeing music live like that just makes me love it more.

Murray Gold played the keyboard for some of it as well, and the thrill he must have got when people cheered him onto the stage!  Intense!

It was also presented by the actors of the most recent series of Doctor Who, which just adds a touch of awesomeness to the whole show. The Doctor Who music was also directed by Ben Foster, and performed by the ‘house band’ i.e. the guys who actually perform and produce the music for the TV show – I love all these little connections which just add the cherry to the top of the cake.

And talking of Cherries – for anyone who knows me they’ll know I entered a Barista of the Year competition. Whilst I didn’t place, I came fourth in the corporate finals for the company I work for, which is just plain cool =/