Having read Nuri’s blog from the other day about sitting down and physically writing again, it made me realise that I hadn’t written anything properly probably since January. University, dissertation, life, everything just got in the way.

A little while ago my boyfriend bought me some Moleskine(s), little excercise type books that I swore I would use to revamp my 2007 NaNoWriMo, and began dutifully filling them out with plot information and the such like. Then… I just left it, sitting on my desk getting buried under piles of rubbish and crap.

At the moment I don’t have a television in my bedroom, having loaned it to my parents whilst theirs is in the shop to be fixed, prompting me to wonder just what to get up to my room. I’ve also been reading more, for which I’m really grateful for having the time to do as I slowly think my brain is dying without the intelligence of university/constant working deadlines etc. So what does this all mean? Well, tonight I began the first real re-write of my very first original full length novel.

I will look completely different to the first one. One of the running jokes between Nuri and myself ever since I wrote it was ‘Jarren and Annabel are special children’. There is so much I plan to do with this novel (lol, taking that line out is just one of them!).

Tonight I write the prologue. A completely different format than before, but, hopefully, one for the better. This novel will be gutted throughout, and nothing will be the same. Except, perhaps, from the very basic plotline. I’ve set myself a target of 75k minimum – this won’t be a story to be rushed :)

And one change is several name changes throughout the storyline :) (Annabel shall no longer  be Annabel for a start lol)

But that’s all for now, and I plan to keep you all updated. More often than I am…