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Even though NaBloPoMo has yet to start for September, I want to get into the habit of posting everyday as much of possible so that I can win for the month. Nuri is going for the year which is awesome because she’s awesome :) Click on her name to find her blog, or in the links on the left hand side of the screen <~–

The only trouble is – what do you tak about? I know that NaBloPoMo send out monthly e-mails with themes and what have you… but I haven’t started yet. I could bore you all, dear reader, with what I had for breakfast (a flapjack), or tell you all that I didn’t have a break at work.

The thing is, I’m a really boring person. I don’t do much. I like to cross stitch, but they tend to go wrong, I love to bake, but it never turns out fantastic/omg-you-should-totally-sell-that (well, except for the cheesecake). I want to learn how to sew, and to use a sewing machine. I want to be more than what I am, but have no idea on how to go about it.

The trouble with me, as a person, is that I get far to complacent in doing what I do, and nothing more. And with the end of university, I’m no longer doing a million and one things with very little time to do anything. And then I get bored.

But there’s this thing about boredom that I will always remember my English teacher saying… “Boredom is a lack of creativity” which makes me feel worse because whilst I’m not an arty kind of person, I do love to write, even if I don’t do it frequently or even well.

I think it’s going to take a while to realise that I don’t have to always being doing something, and that sometimes doing nothing is actually okay. But, at the same time, I don’t want life to rush by, and for me to be simply complacent in that happening. That would just be existing. So whilst I try to find this balance in my post-university life, I’ve also got to find a way to feel like I’m living, and simply not existing from one day to the next.

Any ideas?