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I was watching QI last night for the first time in ages was wasn’t really paying attention until David Mitchell, to Jimmy Carr, came out with “Are you saying that disabled access is a Dalek conspiracy?” and couldn’t help but lol a bit and remember the first episode in the 2005 series of Doctor Who when the Dalek climbs the stairs… nobody is safe!

Either that, or the entirety of the people who campaign for disabled access everywhere are really working to overturn society as we know it because they are working for the Daleks and are looking to wipe out inferior life. On the other hand, probably not.

What I REALLY wanted to talk about today, and was supposed to mention yesterday but it totally slipped my mind, is films. And most importantly, what’s your favourite film?

In the past when I’ve been asked this, I didn’t really have an answer. My tastes are eclectic, and I like lots of films. I’d perhaps mention a few names as favourites, like Stardust, Inkheart, Hortan Hears A Hoo! etc. but recently I’ve come upon a small discovery. My movie tastes, unlike my music taste, isn’t as broad as I’d like it to be (but then, my boyfriend has a massive DVD collection, so maybe one day my mind shall be broadened).

So, what was my revelation? How did I finally come to a decision on what my favourite film *actually* is?

Well, it started with BBC’s The One Show. And with a special guest that they had. If I say one word, you’ll all guess it in an instant… and then laugh at the stupidity of this 21 year-old and then proceed to laugh at my (possibly) poor taste in film, and then wonder what my music collection is like. Haha.

It’s a film I’ve seen about a million times. I remember watching it every night for about 2 weeks on the go at one point because I really did just love it that much. But then again, I’ve done that with Labyrinth as well – and managed to spot all the fricking continuity errors in it, which makes it a lot more difficult for me to go back and watch it now.

This film has the silliest of all plotlines ever invented, but it works.

It was made in 1992.

Got it yet?

It had a sequel, released in 1993.

What about now?

Okay, it’s Sister Act.

I can’t help it, it really is just my favourite film. I love everything about it. The whole idea of it. Plus, I love Whoopi Goldberg’s voice. (She, by the way, was the special guest on The One Show, talking about producing/starring in the music of the same name at the West End. Apparently she’s had to pull out now though as her mother is sick, which is totally understandable. I wanted to go and see it, but couldn’t afford the tickets :C)

I love what she did with the choir, and the Nuns, and the how Reno scene. I love Maggie Smith. And Sister Mary Robert (how disappointed was I to find out it wasn’t actually her singing though =/). And… just everything about it. Really, the high that I felt after watching that was immense. I mean, it is well and truly as feel good film. One that should never be forgotten about :)

This is my favourite song :)

Take care everyone!