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September 1st, 2010



It’s the first of September. I don’t quite know when this happened (metaphorically, of course, the human perception of passing time actually occurred last night, thus rendering today 01/09/2010). This date has so much significance for me… part fan-girl related, part personal history related.

So – the fan part. Today is the day that, typically, the Hogwarts Express would pull out of Kings Cross Station and head North to Hogwarts. Every year I believed that my letter would come and that I would be on the train out of my ordinary life into the very extra-ordinary. I always thought that I would be BFF with Ginny Weasley, as I was convinced I was in her year, and not Harry’s. (Alas, that was not the case, as I never realised that Harry Potter would have gone to Hogwarts ages before I would have been 11 years old, and you know, there’s that issue of Hogwarts not actually existing that proves somewhat troublesome to this whole scenario. But, I was young, and I was a dreamer.)

The 1st of September was the first day that I returned to my real Dad’s house after spending an entire summer with my Mum and Step-Dad, and when I sunk into a depression as the reality hit the 12-year-old I was that I could never live there and be happy and free. My childhood wasn’t a happy one. It’s not one of those filled with abuse or anything like that, well, not really. I was smacked on the occasion, before it was outlawed, but still. I hated living there, it wasn’t a happy place for me to be. I remember moving out 2 days before I was due to go back to school (which wasn’t the 1st, it was actually the 3rd) but still. September was a month that changed my life when I was growing up.

For the longest time this month is the month wherein I would return to school, or even university, it’s a transition month. Or at least, it was. Now it’s a month of the year, just like any other month of the year. I’m still here, with my feet getting itchy from not doing anything, or going anywhere. You may argue that I have my work, it’s just not the same as going back to school or simply being on the move somewhere.

I’m no longer balancing school work, university work and my job. Now I’m just like the rest of the working world – I get up, I work, I come home, I sleep and start the process all over again. And it’s not particularly fulfilling. And actually, I quite hate it. Perhaps one day though I’ll be the manager of the store haha. The thing is, I know I’m lucky to have my job as there is approximately 3 million people in the UK that are jobless.

This post is the beginning of my personal NaBloPoMo challenge, and whilst my practice blogs kind of failed (I lost internet for a day as I wasn’t at home) I  plan to do my best in keeping this up – there’s a niceness about personal challenges =)

To come over the course of the next month: Harry Potter Lego, photography, Dragon Quest IX, court appearances, work, noveling, etc. I hope it doesn’t tire y’all out!

To a month of blogging! Cheers!