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One of the best episodes of House, M.D., has this quote in, if only for the quote itself.

Technology is a strange thing. There are somethings that we could really do without, and things that are vital to our everyday needs. Running, clean water, for instance. A TV – well what would you consider that? A want or a need in the modern age of information?

So the purpose of this mini-blog?

I decided to delete and re-do my entire iTunes library last night. Mistake. Soo much music! And I lost a fair bit of it as well as it was previously sync’d to a different library of mine which had tons more music on it.

But I have some newer stuff, which is always good :)

Peace out, and a longer blog tomorrow!

I’ve managed to stick at this blog-a-day thing for what? Four days now, let’s hope that I can keep it up!