So I went to the Opticians today as I’ve been needing to go for a while as my eyesight has been giving me loads of headaches – turns out I wasn’t being a… what’s the word? I wasn’t being someone with Munchaussen Syndrome (I’m not a complainer about my health, but I know when there’s something wrong with me, if that makes sense?).

My eyesight in my Left eye has dramatically changed, and the Right eye has also changed, but not so much.

I’m going to try contact lens’ for a bit as well. When I asked the lady conducting my eye exam (yes, I don’t remember their official titles – it’s more than Optomertist) about them she said me down and tried to put some in my eyes. Lol, when that didn’t work she literally pinned me down to put them in – seeing a finger coming towards your eye isn’t cool! Self preservation kicks in!

When it came to me taking them out (I have to take them out before I left the shop) another guy (not the lady that did the exam) came out to take these contact lens’ out… he said that my self preservation reflexes worked really well! Haha…

So I’m getting new glasses and contact lens’. This is part of a personal operation to change my ‘style’. And considering I don’t really have a ‘style’ it’s about time I had one.

Skinny jeans, it ain’t though. My body isn’t the right shape for them. I tried, I needed a laugh haha.

What’s the title of this blog about?

Optician: Do you have any hobbies?

Me: Er… does being on a computer count? Because if not, then no.

Optician: Yeah, sure, let’s count it.

Me: I’m really boring.

– Totally forgot about my awesome camera, and you know, the whole photography aspect that has made up the past year of my life. FAIL!

Hey ho, that’s all for now folks…