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Say the title in the northern accent of the narrator of Big Brother – that’s what I’m trying to emulate.. and failing, no doubt.

Yesterday’s blog was full of typo’s, but I can’t be bothered to go back and edit it. I was tired, and lost my ability to really function. Ironically, it was my day off, so naturally I was more tired than when I worked haha.

I had a mishap today about having a driving lesson as well, I thought I’d booked one, but had booked it for Friday, which I can’t make because of that work thing. The good side to this is that my plan to save as much money as possible this month is sort of working, despite having to shell out £180 on glasses yesterday. But I’m fairly happy with where I am at the moment – I will claw my way out of this overdraft! I will!

So, this is the 8th day of consecutive blogging. Bored yet? I like it, although I do feel a little Big Brother-ish in the fact that I’m relaying the days events as they happen.

I finished Harry Potter Lego, well the main storyline. I wish it had gone on for longer, I’m really disappointed with it in that respect. But going back over the levels to unlock other characters is cool, I suppose, just a bit tedious. And some of the abilities that you can unlock and bit (Red Brick abilities, they’re called) mean that my Stud count goes through the roof almost instantly, which adds to the boredom of the game in a way because it’s not a challenge to do anything. Saying that, it’s probably like a 7+ age limit… so it can’t be too challenging. I’m still disappointed with it.

The next game on my list is Dragon Quest IX, which is something I’m really looking forwards to as Dragon Quest VIII is one of my favourite games, and the DS re-releases of the earlier games are also pretty cool. They also tend to have massively complex, and long, storylines to keep me occupied for a while (haha).

It was (un)officially confirmed to me today that I’m not just going to be the FS Supervisor, but site Supervisor today. My manager injured herself loading money into our change fund (it’s a giant time locked safe type-thing). I felt like a right old mum-sy type person as I administered her first aid (ice, water +plaster! Lol, go me!) I locked her in the back office for a bit, away from the other staff and the customers because she was being really loud, and swearing and I’m sure the customers don’t really want to be hearing that. She was pretty loud though, so they probably did. But, I made the effort. I couldn’t help but LOL a lot at her pain though, just because I didn’t know what other reaction to give.

Anyways, I took over filling up the change fund – something my previous manager would never have allowed – and she said that I’ll be able to do it all on my own in the near future when I’m the supervisor. WOOT.

She’s been training me up loads lately, like taking me through all the paperwork, showing me how to do the invoices, cash audits, FS paperwork… lots of stuff!

The thing is, it’s alright her showing me how to do all this stuff, but when she goes on holiday next week, our ASM won’t let me do those things – because she was like our previous manager, and doesn’t know how to accept the help when it’s offered to her. And it frustrates me, especially when I know how to do it now. So do I do all this work, knowing that I know how to do it, or just let it build up on her, and suffer the consequences afterwards? Perhaps I need to talk to my manager about it…