In the next two weeks my external auditor will come and review my bakery. When told this news today, the first thing I thought was ‘shit’. It’s not been that long since the TM Audit – which we failed – so… I need to do a lot of work in a very short amount of time.

Shit is an understatement. If we pass this audit, I’ll have proved myself. If I fail? Well… to be fair, I’ve only been doing the FS Lead part of the job for a little while, so maybe not so much of a personal slight, although that’s how I would take it.

Lots of work to do. Lots of hours to pull getting everything done. I got on my hands and knees today trying to get the floor nice and clean… only managed a small section of it.

Loads to do.

Blogging may just have to take a back-seat and be picked up again in October, although I don’t want that to happen. Life is about balance…