So the recent posts have been made of nothing really, mainly because I haven’t had the time for a real blog. Being on lates make it more difficult for me to write a blog entry – only because I’m doing things in the moring. Boring things, like shopping :) haha

Mind you, saying that, I really don’t know what to say now that I’m here and actually writing.

From the brief excerpts, you now know that I have contact lens, which will be good for when I go to gigs like Combichrist again, no more damaged glasses! Yay! It’s a strange feeling having them in though, I know that they’re there, but they aren’t painful at all. It’s like having a bit of grit in your eye, but it’s not painful, or itchy… and difficult to effectively explain really. But I have them.

It’s strange to have a complete field of vision, and I tell you, I absolutely love having them in. I still have my glasses though, and probably won’t wear the contacts all the time though, but would love to! Haha!

So yeah, not really got much to say… so will update tomorrow with a way better entry, I hope!