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It’s about time I gave you all an update, I suppose.

Work well and truly got on top of me with the stress of an impending FS audit, which, might I add, never happened. Annoyed, much?

When I first started this blog, I wanted each blog to have a meaning, some kind of relevance behind them, rather than randomly updating people on nothingness. Then when I began NaBloPoMo that’s what it became as I just didn’t have the time to really commit to making a good and decent blog. So for now, I’ll return to the state of before, try to give my blog meaning.

At the moment I’m trying to revamp my image, and myself, a bit. I am bored of who I am, and I need a change. I started by getting this AMAZING coat:

Marks and Spencer

It’s quite dress-y but I really, ridiculously love it!

I’ve also gone out a brought a few things that I would never have bought before. The dress is awesome, more so because it’s not black, and it’s not white like all my other coats that I’ve ever owned. I’ve bought new shoes instead of wearing my trainers all the time, new trousers, even if they are just for work, they aren’t just boring and black.

One of the things on my list to get a hair cut… but I love having my hair long so I want something to suit it long. Maybe lots of layers or something, the only trouble is, there isn’t much hair… its quite fine. When it’s straightened it sort of disappears, but it’s on my list. I might dye it as well. (Maybe to match my coat? Haha, that would be awesome =D)

It’s also time for me to get seriously into my photography. It’s my hobby, and it’s time I took it far more seriously. I have a very good dSLR going to waste the whole time I don’t take pictures. And this is the best time of year to do so. I’m hoping to go Dolphin watching soon, so yeah, picking up my life now that university is over. I miss uni. I miss feeling out of control of my own life and living to the next deadline. I have some friends in the States starting this year, and their experiences are making me jealous and make me want to go back!

But for now, it’s time for change because I well and truely think I’m boring. I like to have a decent amount of sleep, don’t tend to take risks, and like to generally stay safe. But it’s time for that to change, and for me to be far more interesting, and to actually have a life (and hopefully a few more friends than I actually do have). And be different, not to blend in. And to become my own person again because somewhere along the way, I lost myself to this… and I’m taking back my control.