With about a week to go before the official start of this years NaNoWriMo I have done several things:

  • Link WordPress to my Facebook – I’m considering doing NaBloPoMo at the same time. I think it would actually be easier whilst doing NaNo as I’d always have my computer on anyways.
  • Carried out a few bits of research – only quotes and stuff to fit in with my plot. For some time I’ve wanted to write about Time, make Time a character in of its own dimensions, but have also had several other plot bunnies jumping around my brain. So – I’ve sort of merged them all together, and shall hopefully have a Sci-Fi-esque novel at the end of it. Hopefully have enough material to last 50,000 words.
  • The excitement is really getting to me :) I’ve convinced my brother to take part too! :D
  • Hopefully will attend some local Meets – how awesome to expand my social at the same time!

Everything else is honestly going on the back-burner for the time being. Everything!