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Another week over, another week without the FS Audit. Seriously? Not cool. But its the weekend, and a weekend I have off. In its entirity – a rare occurence! Tomorrow is Fright Night (hopefully) at Chessington.

But work is not what I’m here to talk about, not today. It’s a break from thinking about work and the BS that goes with it.

There’s two things that I’d like to cover today – Facebook and NaNoWriMo 2010. I think I’ll cover Facebook first.

I created my Facebook profile to keep up to date with my friends, and as sad as it is, it’s the most convent way to keep up to date with people. In being on Facebook there’s something you have to give up though – Privacy. I’m not talking about third-party advertisers or anything like that – because if you’re careful you can limit your stuff on there. I’m talking about personal privacy. The trouble with Facebook is that one; it’s not anonymous, two; everyone knows your business, and three; it’s easy to lazy stalk people.

So if you’re reading you’re probably thinking – it’s Facebook. It was designed to NOT be anonymous, it was designed to allow you to keep up to date with friends, a live social network. The thing is, people create drama’s by simply putting up status’, or by stalking other people’s pages etc. and it makes you wonder – who really are your true friends? Are they the people on Facebook, or are they the people you talk to that aren’t on Facebook?

One of the reasons I originally left the social network was because of the lazy stalking thing. I admit – I was doing it to others, but it frustrated me that people were doing it back to me. There would be times when I’d be having a conversation, and the reply would be ‘oh yeah, saw that on Facebook’ etc. It makes me question what all these people who use Facebook, and only Facebook, are doing with not only their spare time, but their lives. There is so much more to the internet than Facebook (and YouTube, for that matter).

Lazy stalking – it’s something that I can honestly say I don’t do anymore. I can’t really see the point in it, I’m not obsessive about it anymore. I don’t waste my time, and my life on Facebook. That being said, I’m sure y’all get blow-by-blow updates on the progress on my NaNoWriMo this year.

Which quite conveniently brings us on to the topic of NaNo. See what I did there?

I’m really looking forwards to writing it! Seriously, I keep thinking of all the different directions that the novel could go, and I’m just itching to get started! No kick-off parties for me though :(, not that it’s the end of the world, I’m a bit out of the loop this year! November just sort of – turned up. But I’m ready, and as ready as I’m gonna be for it. I have my main character, and weird sci-fi plot… and a plan to just write!

That’s all for now folks!