Six days of continuous blogging now, although granted, not all of these posts could be considered proper blog posts, there has indeed been an entry everyday.

Today, then, is no different. Except that it’s really early – much earlier than I would have liked – but hey ho, that’s what happens when you’re sick. Namely, not enough sleep.

Today is pretty exciting – this morning there’s a NaNo meet in town, and this even it’s the local fireworks show, which is always spectacular. The Effegy we’re burning this year is also quite lol worthy simply because it’s someone who’s always in the papers. I might try and get some pictures later, possibly invest in a tripod whilst I’m out today, but not really how they would turn out. May have to stop by Smiths to see of they have a magazine on Firework photography. Yay, for improving skills.

So I didn’t write much yesterday, but it was enough to keep me relatively on track. I wish I’d written a little bit more as from experience Write-Ins haven’t tended to wield much material. I may try and get some words down before I’m due to leave, but I’m more concerned about preserving the battery life of my laptop. It’ll have to go back on charge once I’ve finished this entry… it was too early to get out of bed. I’m still blinking through the sleep to see the screen, haha. Alright, not really, but am mega tired. If today was a work day, I would have been awake at the perfect time for an early shift. Alas, it is not, and I was awake far earlier than I would have liked. Being able to breathe, however, was more important. So awake I was.

Current word count: 8,431. Todays target: is 10,000 words, I think. Better get writing. And ready for that meet. Now, what to wear?