It’s been one whole week of blogging! Yay! Just three more, I think, for it to be a month. Not that I really have anything particularly interesting to say today.

The fireworks yesterday were cool – our little town made world news because we burnt an effigy of Wayne Rooney – how cool is that? We blew him up, good and proper, haha. He did go out with a bang, and not just with his wife ;) Oh yeah, I went there. I mean, the man gets a £1million a month! What could someone honestly do with all that money? (I mean, aside from spend it on all those hookers?)

lyk srsly?

I tried taking some pictures, but I couldn’t get the settings on my camera just right, so they were either to white, or too dark. It’s an area of photography that I’d like to try though, that would be cool.

Not quite sure what to make of the new TM yet – miss the old one already, haha.

Also… no need to stress about FS audit, just some things to improve upon. We’ll get an A next time.

That’s all for now folks,

Take care!