Nuri described my blogs not as blogs, but as “stubs”, and looking at my recent entries all I can do is agree with her. Yes, they are stubs. But then, there’s not always time to write a full blog each and everyday, yet I try =)

There’s always so much I’d love to say, but don’t really have to words to formulate a decent enough entry. Yesterday, for instance, I began writing about the nature of Democracy, the West, and Eastern perceptions of democracy and what it means to the individual. Interesting, really, but I feel at times that I don’t have the knowledge or know-how to be able to write and good blog about it. Stupid, really, huh?

The Student protests is another thing, and the issue of raising tuition fees. I’m divided on the issue – I know that I’d love to do another degree later in life, English, perhaps, or something like Business, but whether I could get there, even if tuition fee remained at the £3,295 they currently are is a different story. If they do indeed rise to the proposed £9,000 per year, the university culture – students, education, returns to being available for the elite only.

I would never have been able to attend university had it not been for the Labour government, Education, education education and all that. It’s not simply about having a degree at the end of it, it’s a life changing experience. The ability to get to university should not be exclusive to the rich and able, it should be available to all those who wish to attain that level of education. Free Higher Education is never going to be achievable, but I also think that £9k per year is also excessive. I can also understand the need to the government to try to claw back some of the deficit and that ALL sectors of the public have to pay for what the GOVERNMENT did. We chose the leaders right? So we have to pay for their mistakes.


Anyways, on to NaNo – I’ve just hit 17k, and am aiming for a 5k day. At the very least I’d like to be back on track (so min. 18k) but am aiming higher =)

Peace out folks, and I’ll improve the nature of my blogging, promise!