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So I’ve not long hit 20k, and remembered that I had yet to blog for today as well!

It’s day 12. The total word count should be approximately 20k, which has now been reached.

This year I changed my desktop wallpaper to be in line with the NaNoWriMo theme. It’s like a calendar, and it has each day of the month and the minimum word count that the author should be one. The one that I have also has little ditties, silly things like on the 5th November, it says to celebrate by having your character burn something. On the 7th (I think) it has about trying to explain the concept of NaNo to someone, and watch their expressions [lol].

Before I started writing this years novel, I only had a vague plotline – which to be fair is still a bit vague – but it involved a Victorian detective, a murder and an inventor. Somewhere along the line came the idea of Time Travel – so add some future buddies (20k in and they still don’t have names) – add in Time himself as a character… and then… add some Zombies to the mix.

My brother has been mentioning Zombies for some time, in fact since we sad down and played Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare and over the past couple of days I’ve found a way for some of the undead to make an appearance in my novel, so they shall :) probably tomorrow.

What does this have to do with the beginning of the post? The prompt for tomorrow reads “there’s no shame in adding some zombies to your story”. It kind of made me lol because that’s what I’m gonna do.

Perhaps I should back up the story now? Wouldn’t want any of those horror stories of lost novels, lost USB’s, laptops etc. Back up indeed…