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I actually can’t stop listening to this song. I introduced it to you all in the last post. It’s just so pretty, and so meaningful (well, all of Epica’s music is meaningful, but this is just stunning!) Cue awesome Epica playlist.

I was just watching the news (it makes a change). BBC News. When I think of the BBC News I think of this:

And it reminds me of good times and the awesomeness of Kraftwerk (sp?) as portrayed by my favourite comedian:

And for some reason this just popped into my head: (anyone I work with should watch this if they haven’t before. It’s so true!)

So whilst I inundate you all with YouTube clips I had a plan for this blog to actually talk about something relatively sane and mildly (not really) interesting. I was about choices and the choices that are made each and everyday. There are choices you have complete control over, like what you plan to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, what you have to drink. It’s from these choices that you become a condition human being, for instance I’m conditioned to drinking Dr. Pepper all the time, but I choose this condition. There are others that we have no control over.

For instance, Government spending. We have no control over it. The state of the country’s financial situation is phenomenal. When it’s reported on the news I fail to believe that we can have a national debt spanning into the billions. That, to me, is not real money. Real money is what I take home every month, it’s nothing in the long-term. Not even a fraction of a drop in the ocean. Sucks, huh?

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

There are things that I want in this world that I’m going to work bloody hard to achieve. I want my own house, I want my own things, my own space. At some point I want my own business. I want to be a teachers. But these things aren’t going to just drop into my lap (well, unless I won a fortune on the lottery… which would be really miraculous seeing as I forget to play most weeks.) These are just dreams… and yet when they talk on the news of the huge deficit I think about how can government be run?

I remember (from class, not memory!) how the first national debt was created. It was created because no body in their right mind would dissolve a government that had debt of any kind. Britain, I hate to say, is heading toward ruin, and I don’t think any kind of attempt to save will work. But it’s that thing, right – you’ve gotta try, or you’ll never know. The government has to make things even more difficult than before for the ordinary people like you and me because they have to try to save the country, the 60 million + people who live in our country.

I think if Beveridge saw the state of the country he began forging in the post 1945 years he’d be turning in his grave as he warned government what would happen. It’s just a shame that nobody listened to him in the end.

(A day a head in my word count. Need to keep on track though! Need to beat that graph!)

Take care folks!