I was planning on writing a proper blog today, but I’m not going. Mainly because my dog is sitting on my lap making it really rather difficult to type properly and comfortably.

I hit 32,042 words today.

I’m surprised at my ability to keep going to be honest. I know that in my first year of doing it, if I hadn’t had my best friend do this with me, I would have failed and  not bothered to try again. I failed anyways, but that was because of university, and not because of a lack of motivation.

I honestly thought I would peter out and fail on this years NaNo, but I suppose I have something to prove to myself by keeping going. A friend at work described my schedule  really quite well yesterday – wake up, write, work, possibly write some more, sleep and start again. I know it’s not really living properly, but it’s the only month of the year I do something like this. And this is possibly the most alive I’ve felt since university ended in May so hey ho =/

I’m hoping for a 5k day tomorrow, to try to truly put me ahead of myself so that I can relax with it a bit more.