What I wanted and what I got today were two entirely different things.

I wanted a 5k day.

I ended up writing just above my minimum word count. I’m thinking I’m going to take my laptop with me tonight because if I don’t write anything tomorrow I’ll be incredibly behind my personal target on Saturday. I need to stay ahead of myself because I have a very busy week next week.

I have a course at work, then graduation and then on Saturday I’m going with my sister to feed some tigers in… somewhere. I actually don’t know where haha! But it’s all exciting. I hope to take some cool pictures then as well =)

Look out over the next week or so for a post entitled “Eulogy to a Baked Bean”. All will be explained when I post, but it’s too early to do it at the moment.

I  currently sit at 33,749. Perhaps when I go out in a bit I’ll be inspired to write a bit more.

Might have to go and see Mr. Frank first though. He likes to know my progress haha!