I don’t quite know how to start this entry.

Just like I would have no idea how to start a real eulogy. I guess it is where you share your memories, your experiences – you know, all the good times and, I guess if there were a funeral, the bad times as well. But you would laugh them off and continue on your way, and begin your mourning.

What is this all about, then, you may ask?

I think since my second year of university I have known something [fondly?] named the BakedBean. Not a simply can of Heinz Beans kept lovingly in the cupboard or anything like that.

It is a car. A bright orangey/gold baked bean coloured car. With purple and pink seats.

Lol worthy, you may think, and many people have – repeatedly – taken the micky out of this little 800Cc car. But you would be surprised at what it could do. It went to Wales twice, around Ireland, Cornwall and countless trips to Canterbury, Bluewater and Lakeside. Lakeside has always been a bit iffy though, ever since we broke down in lots of traffic and with no hard shoulder to pull on to. Turns out there wasn’t any engine coolant, and we were lucky to have not blown up. Plus, we managed to cover the entire motorway with the steam coming from that little engine. That was scary. Then I got shat on by some pigeon, which did nothing but land in my hair. And made me feel unclean for about a week.

This little car failed its’ MOT. I don’t really understand cars, but there was something about the power steering that wasn’t right. When I told my family, they just laughed, wondering just how such a little car could even have power steering. But regardless, it failed. And as such, action had to be taken.


The car isn’t worth anything with a failed MOT. It [being honest] wasn’t worth much to begin with, I don’t think. It would have cost about £1000 to fix the problem… and on trade in the car was worth £95.

What would you do?

The BakedBean was sent to the crusher this morning – it will never digivolve into MegaBakedBean-imon. We used to joke that cars of a similar version were the digivolved version; yes, we referred to Digimon when talking about the car. We had to. It was silly. To match the car.

Enter a new car, one that blends in with the rest [how are we going to find it in a car park now?]


P.S. You know I was talking about that Maths test a while ago? Well I was sent it yesterday. It is HARD. I mean, I know I can do maths, and I can do percentages. If someone could tell me how to work out percentage increases between two numbers BEFORE Monday, I’d really appreciate it…