I managed to keep up with my word count for today. Not as well as I wanted to, but tomorrow is going to change that. I will hit 40k tomorrow, and theoretically everything afterwards is as easy a pi. Or at least, that it should be… because pi is 3.148 right? Maybe I should just make a pie. Or some cherry Bakewell. Or something. Once this novelling thing is over.


Just a quick thank you to all of you who helped be with percentage increases! Cindy + Mims, you’re both amazing! (More so, I think, because you actually read the drivel that is written here lol).

I took that test today. Shall wait to find out the results, had to take a verbal reasoning test as well lol. I actually think that I did worse in the verbal one than in the Maths. But I’m going to stop thinking about it now and head for some much-needed sleep.