So, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Britain is currently in a ‘Big Freeze’. Clearly they need some creative genius here, because they used the same name last year, in December and January…

The thing is, what has happened in the past few days will happen, and has happened, every year. So what? They tell people to not go out unless it’s urgent… if you don’t go to work, you don’t earn money. If you don’t go to work, the economy looses yet more revenue.

The health and safety of people is far more important, yes, but if you don’t go to work, you won’t be able to live at the end of it.

Plus, it causes no end of problems for other people.

In the midst of this snow drama, I didn’t realise until really late last night that I’d finally won a NaBloPoMo, alongside NaNoWriMo.

November is a good month. I can allow for Christmas now.

Take care people, especially if your out in the snow! And Ice!