I feel as though I have neglected this blog, after having written it for 30 consecutive days. I know I couldn’t do what Nuri does and write everyday for a year – although if I challenge myself to take a picture every day for a year, I would imagine things would be different – I tend to run out of things to say really quote quickly.

Next Thursday I am going to see Lady GaGa [again] with my sister. This is exciting; I’m far more excited for it now that I’m more into her music. When I went the first time I wasn’t all that interested. Seeing her live completely changed my perspective of her, and her music.
Tonight I plan to watch some of my favourite episodes of X-Files from Season 5! It’s only taken me long enough to get there. Plus I’ve actually picked up a book for the first time in about 6 months, possibly more!

The snow is apparently set to hit again today. I wonder how that will turn out… ?