Okay, it actually isn’t – but how do you know that the world isn’t ending? Each moment of every second we hurtle through space, clinging to our planet not even thinking about the end of the world. Silly question, but what if gravity failed?

Life is really amazing when you think about it. Every life, from the smallest organism to the largest. The human race is only a fleeting blip in time, and we will end at some point [happy, I know]. But we’ve achieved a lot as humans, and I guess the reward is the slow, but sure, destruction of the world.

I’m supposed to be learning to drive. I should be learning to drive. Without it, I can’t be more than I am at work. It’s a vital skill. I remember in my first lesson that my instructor said to me that driving is a natural skill, that we should be able to do it naturally. But it isn’t really, is it. Natural, that is, to drive around in cars. We were given legs to use right? I guess that’s the reason why I’ve never had a problem with the idea of walking everywhere. I’d actually like to live in the days of horses and carts. Cloaks and magic :) Alright, maybe not the magic. But that would be a plus.

Anyways, all of this detracts from the reason I’m writing this blog in the first place. It has nothing to do with the end of the world, or with driving a car.

I was watching an episode of House, M.D today. It was an episode about this serial blogger who put her entire life on the internet, asking opinions on whether she should get specific treatments and so on. And then it made me realise that I hadn’t been online, not properly for a long time. I’ve been on my phone, but the experience just isn’t the same. I started questioning myself as to why I haven’t been online, and the only answer I’ve come up with is that I’ve been avoiding it.

I’ve been avoiding going online, onto my laptop, because I’ve been sick. But whilst I’ve been sick, I’ve realised that my eyesight is changing again, that my prescription is changing again, and considering that I only got my eyes tested in August, this is bad. But thinking about it, I’m sure my eyesight changes every November. Because I spend November on my laptop. It’s bound to muck up my eyesight. So, I think before November 2011 I’m going to invest in a screen protector thing. Something that reduces the glare and the static. Or do something so completely illogical and handwrite my NaNo ’11.

I’ve never been to the same Optician’s twice. I’ve always thought that they would think that I’m a hypochondriac. But it makes sense, right, that all this computer use has mucked up my eyesight. On the same note though, I’m not going to avoid it any longer.

Now I just have to finish these stupid Windows updates.