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This will only be a quick entry, more of a rant than a sort of commentary on the darts.

I’m not generally a sporting person. I don’t feel much love for football, or cricket, or rugby. So really, I suppose I’m a typical girl. I think it’s because I never really played these sports when I was at school. Actually, I was on the girls cricket team, but we came second from bottom in the league, so I gave up, but that’s not what this entry is about. It’s about the Darts.

It’s the only sport I have a real love for. It’s on the TV every mid-December into early January. Which is fine, it’s always cool to see the entire run of the competition.

Now, you may be wondering, out of all the sports in the world, why is it that I like the Darts? Well, the simple answer is that it is because my Dad played the circuits a few years ago – and still plays for one of the pub teams on a Monday night.

The events that are shown on Sky Sports [PDC] are awesome. They always are; there’s this atmosphere that feels alive, tangible with the possibility of greatness! And it’s not just the money, but it’s the player. I may sound somewhat blasphemous here, but I have no love of Phil Taylor, so when he went down on the quarter finals I was a very happy bunny (on the other hand, a colleague of mine only watches the Darts because of him, because he’s a self-made millionaire – but then all he cares about *is* money…. which makes no sense, as he supports Liverpool, lol). But the level of playing is [more often than not] amazing.

In contrast, and the reason of this blog, the BDO, shown by the BBC is RUBBISH! I hate it. There is no atmosphere, no competition. The level of darts played is rubbish – my mum described it as pub darts. Most of the scores are not just below 100, but below 50(!). This isn’t professional darts, this is rubbish. My dad can play better, and I hope that when he retires from work that he takes it up professionally because I know how awesome he is at it. The BBC BDO is so boring to watch that I have given up. It actually shocks me that these players are considered professionals. There has got to be better players out there willing to play?

That’s all for now/rant.