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So yesterday I was learning about profit and loss, and information like that to do with our site and our company. It was very interesting! Although, it was maths, so not all of it went into my brain, but again, it made me realise just how much I miss learning, and university and everything like that! I sort of want to take up two things, one; running, and two; a language.

I’m always so tempted by the Rosetta Stone courses, but wonder if that would be right for me? I’m always saying I want to do things, but never seem to make myself give myself the time to do it.

Ages and ages ago I lost the remote control to my stereo system, and today – after months of searching – I finally found it again! It’s complete again, haha!

I wish I had something far more interesting to say, but I don’t really. I wanted to share a video with you all though, because it holds such memories for me, and because it’s really difficult (so it seems) to get hold of Dukas’ music!

So I ended up buying the whole soundtrack to Fantasia today for the one song. I love it :)