At the moment I’m sitting in the hotel lobby for the Food Management course that will happen over the next couple of days. I’ve done all the required homework, had a Nando’s and now time for chilling. It would be better if I had Wi-Fi in my room, but this will do. Can’t spurn free internet for much, haha! This is the prime opportunity to download a bunch of big files lol.

It’s a bit strange actually, because whilst I lived away from home – at uni, and despite living where I did in the middle of nowhere in my first year of university – this feel incredibly strange. Usually there’s always been someone I know (relatively well) around – Alex, for instance, or Nuri. Whilst I only (mildly) know one other person, it’s like I’m completely on my own. If someone were wearing a yellow shirt I feel more comfortable lol! Silly, I know. Perhaps it’s because I feel a little exposed in the lobby on my own.

It’s a nice hotel though. A lot nicer than I thought it would be. I don’t quite know why but I thought it would be a dingy little place. But it’s really nice. :)

I’ll probably write an entry in for tomorrow as well, this should be an interesting couple of days :)

Keep safe people!