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What I love about blogging is the freedom that it gives you. It’s easier to be free online, behind words and the text rather than in real life. It’s easier to assess things about your own life, and others, because there is less of a human interaction behind it. In the blog-o-sphere you can simply switch off if there is someone you do not like, or ignore them. There is no need to respond to some one you do not like. Haha. In real life it’s not quite the same. But then again, life would be boring would be if everyone got along.

So how weird is this; a couple of days ago I wrote a blog about these two old ladies, and since then I have had loads of hits on my page. Possibly because I tagged the word ‘MacDonald’s’ but not sure haha! Might try it again haha!

Currently watching National Treasure 2.

My dad finally installed Sky in my TV, which means even more TV that I could watch, but probably won’t lol! It’s cool though because it means that I can actually watch TV rather than the same old DVDs. Another remote control to lose! :)

I’m not sure quite why I’m writing today, but there you go. If there are real people reading this then welcome :) I think a lot of the hits are from bogus websites which doesn’t fill me with confidence lol.

I was planning on printing my 2010 NaNo out the other day but didn’t get round to it. Plus, it’s about 60 pages! And a lot of ink, which I can’t really do until I get some more for my shiny new printer :) the other thing that I want to do, come Friday, is book my theory test for driving and go from there. I also want to get some wall stickers, how cool are they?

I think that’s enough rubbish for now!

Take care!