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I have been a lover of Kate Mosses’ work ever since I picked up Labyrinth, and reading this was no different. Sure, there were various downfalls – I struggled to like the whole notion of “George” but anyways here is the (brief) review that I wrote on the GoodReads website:

This book is amazing. I think everyone should read it, in one sitting if able. It’s such a beautifully told story about different kinds of love, loss and heartache. I think I like it more because whilst it is a typical Mosse book, it deviates from her ‘normal’ method of writing. She integrates the two storylines that they simply cannot be separated.

Anyone who has read her previous work would love this, I think. And new people as well. My only gripe with the whole story was of how the main character, Freddie, was so hooked on his brother’s death that he physically thought of nothing else, but I think this is more so because I don’t have an experience with grief, don’t know what it is like.

I would wholly recommend this to anyone out there who loves to read.

Ultimately it *is* a good read. And I think that despite that few irritants that I discovered through the book, mainly George, but there you go. I really do recommend it as a quick read – try and read it in one sitting if possible! Took me a while because of real life getting in the way though. Enjoy!