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So today I went for my first ever run. Well, when I say run, I mean… well some sort of resemblance of a run/jog. Today wasn’t about pushing boundaries, or over exerting myself, it was about establishing what my fitness level is already. Which, suffice to say, isn’t very high. But this is set to improve, I hope. I just have to keep at it. Obviously I won’t be able to do it at the same time every day – that’s the drawback of working shift patterns, but it’s certainly something to work towards.

The fields outside my house – the main one – I think someone once told me is exactly a mile along the perimeter. Using this knowledge my first aim is to run the outside without a break, and to start pushing myself to do better. This isn’t because I want to lose weight or anything but to improve my general health. And be fit. So this is cool =)

So here’s my pledge to myself: Run the outside of the field. Once, to begin with. Certainly doable. I just have to keep at it.