I wrote a fairytale once. Wasn’t very good, but it was short(ish). Didn’t have a happily ever after though, it just sort of ended. That was just after I was reading Icelandic fairy tales, so naturally it was a bit weird.

I write this as I’m (sort of ) watching Shrek the 3rd. Haven’t seen it before and for some reason BBC are showing lots of movies at the moment. I have to say that I prefer the first film because it was sweet. And not over used. I like that it brings loads of different fairy tales all together through all the movies. Little references like the 3 blind mice.

I’ve been running for three days straight! I know that progress will be slow, but it’s something! And it’s exercise!

I’m thinking of doing NaBloPoMo again for February, it’s the shortest month so should be easy enough! Lol.

But for now Shrek!