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So now that I’m here actually writing this thing, I actually don’t know where to start. I think there’s an irony to this because as I was walking around London this morning, and even last night, I was planning this particular blog on what I would say, and of how I would say it.

I wanted to start with something cheesy, like it was an “Epic Adventure” (Geddit?) but thought better of it.

I finally got the chance to go and see Epica last night for the first time ever. It was amazing, and not just because this is my favourite band in the world. I was planning on taking lots of pictures/films of their performance, but luckily Alex did all that for me, leaving me to simply enjoy the music, the performance… :)

ReVamp were the warm up act. If I had acknowledged this/ realised this sooner I would have downloaded some of their stuff so that I knew some of their music. When they started though it sounded as though the microphone wasn’t loud enough to get over the rest of the bands music, but they sounded really wicked, and will look into downloading some of their stuff now that I have heard them. If that makes sense in a totally not me kind of language…





The main event; EPICA!!! I have been waiting for Epica to come to the UK for such a ridiculously long time now that I was so giddy with happiness that people actually thought I was drunk. Then I thought to myself, hey, this is London, I won’t ever see these people ever again, and lolled a bit.

It was so surreal… this time yesterday I was watching my favourite band in the whole world play before me – songs that I knew off heart, that hold special meaning to me, about different sections of my life throughout university into the present… there, in front of me. And they sure didn’t disappoint either. Simone Simmons is, without a doubt, one of the most talented humans on this planet, the prettiest woman ever. Just saying. I would.

Whilst we were queuing up to get into the Scala, Mark (lead male vocals) turned up and I totally got my picture taken with him. I was all like “OMG thank you so so so much for coming to the UK!!!!!” Yeah… probably made a fool of myself, but there you go!!! Didn’t get a chance to meet Simone *sadface* but I can’t have everything in life. I’ll simply have to meet her next time.



I also spent (with the help of Alex) about £80 on merchandise. If they had accepted bank cards I would have actually spent a whole lot more – not sure if that’s a good thing or not!! I managed to complete I CD collection (except for the singles), got a t shirt, key chain, We Will Take You With Us DVD (which I’ve been trying to get hold of for about THREE years), and a signed clock (lol). Here be a picture:

I don’t know if you can see but (aside from the clock) the DVD is signed. What I forgot to do was take my ticket out to put into the picture as well because the ticket is signed as well – both from Mark, the guy I met – whilst I went off to join the massive queue to get my cloak back, Alex went off to find the band members lol. It was crazy when he found me again I was all OMGOMGOMG!! He was trying to get Simones autograph but she hadn’t come out the front yet and the bouncers were kicking everyone out. Rah on them.

Right, I think I will end it there because I have to get up fairly early-ish. But before I go, here are a few videos (from We Will Take You With Us) which originally got me into Epica. Especially The Phantom Agony.

Much love,