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I’ve been wanting to update here for a while, but just haven’t known what to say. In fact, I still don’t, but I don’t want my brain to forget about this place. I love WordPress, I think it’s such a good blogging platform, especially compared to places like BlogSpot and LiveJournal.

So…. just recently I went out with Nuri to London, and we went somewhere really geeky and cool – We went to the Doctor Who Experience. Epic. Win.

It was kind of expensive to get into but it was so cool – the effects where amazing! The “experience” lasted for about 90 minutes/2 hours.

Before I go on, if you’re planning to go, don’t read this section!! I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you, that wouldn’t be nice of me.

So, we pay for the tickets and walk through a set of doors. We were pretty psyched by the fact that there was specific WiFi enabled for smart phones to connect to the website that ran with the Experience, which allowed you to have special discounts when it came to the entering the Gift Shop at the end of the tour.

Anyway, we’re hanging around this area for a couple of minutes – and I’m seriously hoping that wasn’t it!!! – there are objects in cabinets, a bit like a museum or an art exhibition, mainly from the newer series. In comparison to the rest of the tour, this room is pretty nondescript. We then head into the next room, darkened. There are a few benches in her, arranged to face a wall. People sit, and we stand at the back. Once everyone is settled the lights go down. It’s like being in a cinema. There’s a crack in the wall. The whole wall lights up, and the Doctor Who theme begins…

Once the video had finished the wall opened and we were taken into the Experience room, which starts out as a museum type place. There’s an android/robot describing the history, looking the ones from the Library from the fourth series with Catherine Tate. The Doctor then communicates with you via a sort of video thing, communicating from the “Pandorica II” (yeah, they made a second one). We have to help the Doctor, and he has to help us.

As we continue, we are led into the most current TARDIS, with another communication from the Doctor, and then from here onto the Bridge of a Dalek ship – and then there’s an argument between the old and new Daleks – “You are the inferior species” and the such. Moving on, we head into the Angel’s Forrest, with the Angels all around (remember, whatever you do…. DON’T blink!)

In each of the rooms there is communication from the Doctor, plus the mini storylines that are happening in those rooms. Before we can leave, there’s another cinema-type room with the final events of this part of the “Experience”, where we are given 3D glasses (I tried to refuse, I can’t really see 3D… only to be told I had to have them lol!!!). In here was the concluding part… all the enemies came together, and the Doctor came in to deal with them! I have to say the effects were really well done, the Daleks and the Angels, and a few others were shooting out of the screen into the audience – the Daleks were shooting – I swear they were shooting directly where we were standing! The Angels tried to grab us etc. It was really well done!

Throughout this whole section we weren’t allowed to do any photography/filming, which is understandable, but I really wanted too!! Bearing in mind that this was about two weeks ago some of the events may be around the wrong way.

In the second part of the Experience is the more exhibition bit, a mixture off all the Doctor Who history. The first thing we came across was the previous 10 incarnations outfits, alongside the TARDIS and “life-size” Matt Smith:

I don’t usually post pictures of myself. Sorry to inflict it on you! The Doctor looks horribly fake though.

The 10th Doctors TARDIS. In the background there’s the final scene as Tennant as the Doctor playing on a loop. :(

The Time Lord’s emblem, albeit 90 degrees wrong! This was on Timothy Dalton’s robes as the Lord of the Time Lords – or whatever his title was!

And here is the last picture that I’m going to post here. Most are on my Facebook site if you are interested, and my friend there which most people who read this are!!!

This is my favourite picture, just because of the randomness of it all!

That’s all for now folks, hope you enjoyed this. Check out my other blog for recipes for baking and bits and bobs!