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In the past week or so one of the main stories that has been dominating the headlines is the legality of the Super Injunctions that courts and Judges can impose on the media to ensure that aspects of ‘celebrity’ private lives aren’t exposed to the mass public, reveal details of affairs and the like. Everyone is entitled to their privacy, right?

Now, I can understand the implementation of these ‘super injunctions’ if, for example, children are involved – but I really dislike the idea of using them to protect celebrities from their own indiscretions, it’s like saying that someone with – let’s face it – money, can save their face and behave consequence free all the time that they can get these injunctions.

Everyone in ‘normal’ everyday life has to deal with the consequences of those sorts of actions. If infidelity exists in a relationship guaranteed that at some point all your friends and colleagues will find out and you have to live with those consequences, regardless of which side you are on. I’d like to think if I were in that situation, no one would find out and I would deal with it privately, but these things always have a habit of escaping. And, despite these super injunctions, this is happening in the celeb world. And, in my mind, so it should.

The moment that you become ‘famous’ you sacrifice your privacy. You may not want to, but you will do. To get to the top you will always be scrutinised for being there, there’ll always be the media hounding after your every move, whether it’s dinner with the family, a holiday or your latest car. I’m sorry, but that’s the cost of being successful in that environment, and celebrities should have to deal with this.

And, what’s more there are going to be things that have been, and will be, super injuntion-ed things that the Government really, really don’t want people to know, and for that reason alone I think they should be outlawed. The whole idea of super injunctions is against the concept of freedom of speech, which I know isn’t constitutionalised in Britain, you know, because we DON’T have a constitution, it is a basic human right as agreed by the Geneva conventions. I have to say that I don’t generally see eye to eye with David Cameron I think he is right to be taking these super injunctions…

That’s all for now folks, sorry for the rambling, probably doesn’t make sense!!!