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When it comes to writing in general these days I seem to be drawing somewhat of a blank, even here on WordPress. I’d like to find out why, but the answer just isn’t forthcoming. So I figure to myself – simply write something, anything, and go with that for a bit. Part of my problem with the writing side of things I think more than anything is that I’ve been very preoccupied with other things, say for instance, my driving test – which is on Monday – and work, and mindless everyday activities. I have not allowed my mind to expand or create and have just really limited myself into the mind numbing daily activities and have been happy with that. Safe. But what’s the point in that? I would put some Epica lyrics here but I can’t remember the song name that I wish to quote! Fail.

So, in this deprived mental state wherein the creativity has sapped my entire being, I slowly began finishing The First Men in the Moon by H.G. Wells. I loved it, it’s not written in the same why that he wrote his other works, but it was good. You can tell the influences of his previous stuff, and the way that he tries to predict some sort of futuristic society that was seen in the Selenites. The frustrating thing about this book is that it took so long for me to get through. I can’t remember what I was reading beforehand, although I suspect it was along the lines of The Winters’ Ghost. But nonetheless, I enjoyed this, and finished it Sunday night.

On Monday I began reading The Hunger Games as I had heard so many amazing things about it. I know it’s aimed in the “Young Adult” genre, but at 22, surely that counts for me too? I finished reading it this morning, so clearly not a long read at all. The one thing that stood out for me from the start was how similar it was in style and technique to The Twilight Saga. When I mentioned this to a friend via Facebook she immediately rebuked the idea – but there’s certainly some comparisons to be drawn, and I don’t mean simply because both versions are written in the first person.

I guess the thing to say is to think about both books like this:

– Lead female character with some sort of deprivation [physical/mental]

– Life or death scenarios [both as part of day-to-day life, and with a more far-flung reasons]

– Love interest/romance at the least

– Very convenient occurences – I know this will happen in any novel, I just think that with these books in particular there could have been better ways to incorporate this into the plotline. Maybe it’s just a first person thing, I don’t know.

That said though, I think aside from the technical writing skills [not that I can talk much myself] could do with improving, this book just has a way of drawing the reader in so completely that the end of the first book just keeps you hanging on more. I enjoyed the plot, got a bit irritated with it at times. There is one example where a couple of sentences seemed like they were cut from an earlier part of the book [especially at the beginning], and the absolute focus on past huntings whether hunting with Katniss’ father or her friend Gale got a bit irksome, but despite this, as mentioned, this book has this magical ability to draw you in, to keep the pages turning to find out what happens next. If you’re not reading it, then you’re thinking about it, about what is going to happen to Katniss and Peeta. It’s a fairly predictable plotline, they were obviously going to come home at the end. There’s no point in killing a main character with two more books to write.

I think that’s all for now! Let me know what you think about The Hunger Games, I’d really like to know!

Take care,