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What does a compliment mean to you?

Does it make you smile?

Does it make you laugh?

Does it make you question the sincerity of the person giving it to you?

Does it make you question yourself?

Okay, so it makes me do all of the above. I would probably suggest that this is because I don’t get a great deal of compliments, especially from customers who’s prerogative it is to complain about the price of fuel, or the price of coffee [well, sorry sir, I have no control over our prices, all I can do is direct you to head office or customer services.], and when you’re about and about in your normal capacity [and not in your work uniform] how many people come up to you and give you a compliment? I would suggest, in this modern and isolated world, not many.

So, when I received the number of compliments that I did yesterday at work, about my manner, my positivity, about my skill as a Barista [the coffee type, not the law type], and the request to never go on holiday again, it made me smile. And cheered my up a little bit as I found out that I didn’t get through on the Costa Barista of the Year competition as a wildcard. But it was fine, because the customers were genuinely nice and brilliant yesterday. And I couldn’t thank them more.

So, from here on out – I was to give at least one stranger a day a compliment, because something a simple as complimenting a persons hair, dress, nails, shoes, car etc. can make a persons day. And, it’s cool to do =)