The past few days has made me feel particularly disgusted to be British. The scenes that have been shown on the BBC and Sky News are scenes that you would expect to see in the rebelling Middle East, not in a “civilised” Western country. I have to say, outright, that I honestly do not understand why this is happening. I genuinely believe that the rioting and chaos that has spread across the United Kingdom is violence for the sake of violence.

This is how things have happened so far, as I see it:

– A man is shot dead by armed police in Tottenham, London. He was apparently unarmed, in his car.

– Family and friends of the dead man riot/rebel against authority for his death.

– Other people, the next nights [Saturday/Sunday/Monday… today] have taken the opportunity unto themselves to incite rebellion and simply disregard all the rules and create absolute chaos.

– Largely this is done by “youths”.

So, first of all – why would these people do this?

Already there are words of “socio-economic crisis”, “general thuggery”, “yobbos”, “wanton violence”, etc.

What causes people to be like this? At work today we spoke about it a bit, and as mentioned above I just don’t know why people behave in this manner. But we did discuss it, and the general consensus was that these kids, because that’s the frightening aspect about it – these people who are causing all this damage and chaos, are just kids. Some of the ideas spoken about was the basic conclusion the these rioters are people who have no prospects, no/little education, no jobs, no social mobility, nothing to inspire or make these people to actually behave. I suppose then, these people have nothing to lose by behaving in this manner.

To me, this is no excuse. Life is what you make it. You have to make or break your life, whether you are 16 or 60. You create your own prospects.

But then, I suppose part of this can be blamed on the idea of gang culture.

I think what frustrates me more than anything else is that this is rebelling against authority without any true cause. There was no protest, nothing real to fight for [unless, of course, it’s simply for a new iPad, or a new TV].

I understand that life is tough at the moment – but what these people need to realise that it is tough for everyone. The price of everything has gone up – these people just need to deal with and get on their life.

I have no sympathy for those rebelling against authority. I think the “full force” of the law should come down on all involved.

This is a particularly disjointed blog, and as I’m sure you can all see that this is because I don’t understand what is going on. I sincerely hope that this all calms down, that life will return to normal.

I also have this underlying fear that this will help the development of a police state. On the other hand, last night I was wishing for the Army to be called in to control the situation. There needs to be a balance, but what it is I have no idea.

For now, to my international friends reading this, all is fine. Where I am, although only half an hour or so from [Central] London, is fine. I doubt that it will spread to my sleepy hallow, but you guys all have my number, and I yours, if you want to talk.