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It’s day two in the Big Brother house…

Alright, so it’s not quite Big Brother. In fact, it’s nothing like it. But NaNo sort of get’s like that. You constantly ask how people are doing, how they’re coping, what their plot is about – even – do they have a plot to speak of?

This year, unlike the previous years, I didn’t start with a plot. I had nothing. My pre-NaNo notes went like this:

“Girl. Woods. Locket. Dead body. Zombies.”

Yeah, really, nothing.

So I started with something else. I simply started with a name. A name destined for great things. So, WordPress followers, I [sort of] introduce you to Amelia Ravensbourne. I just think it’s such an epic name.

I suppose, thinking about it, doing both NaNoWriMo, and NaBloPoMo, I should not just talk about my novel, and lack of plot [I already have a dodgy ritual, a dead girl, some blood, and a threat to the end of the world as we currently know it].

I think the NaBlo page has daily prompts throughout November to help people who are struggling with the idea of posting a blog every day for the month. That bit isn’t a problem for me, but I wouldn’t mind writing something of substance for you all so that your eyes don’t bleed too much from the verbal diarhoea that spews from my fingertips.

I once wanted to be a journalist. I thought I would be awesome at it, and that it would be something like Lois and Clark. Obviously, it’s more of a shady underworld that’s all about phone hacking and misleading the very public that read the papers and magazines, but there’s hope lol. I keep saying that things like the ‘recession’ would be much less… impacted… if it wasn’t for the media. I think that it makes up too much of people’s opinion than anything at the moment… and actually, I’m not really sure where that came from. I think I was thinking about NaNo again. Amelia is sort of a corporate spy, but that probably won’t last long. Magic be involved somewhere along the line ;)

Hn. I think I ought to end the verbal rubbishness. I’ll try and write something of substance in the next few entries. Someone hex  me  if I don’t.