I love this day, not just for the history for what it represents but what it does for my town.

Everyone comes out [except, perhaps, the few oddballs that don’t know how awesome this event is]. It feels like there is a real community of people, coming to together and supporting the town, the local and bordering schools, companies… it’s just, well love for me. Probably the only time you’ll ever hear [read] me say that.

It was a bit strange, I don’t know many people in this town, except for when I see/serve them at work. They don’t have names, not really, except things like Mr. 40 Marlboro red man, or 10 Mayfair guy. It’s quite pathetic really.

I got a few pictures tonight of the torches and fireworks that I’m quite proud of, so will post links to them tomorrow. I have to be up earlier than anticipated so will leave it there tonight.

I haven’t touched my NaNo tonight, so have double the word count to achieve – and more hopefully – tomorrow.

I have one request for anyone that reads this… please give me some PROMPTS. I need to get my novel moving, and maybe something that you guys suggest could help that???

Thanks, and see you tomorrow!

I’ve posted this before, but this song… I just love it! I kept singing it today haha]