So it’s now Sunday. Day 6. I am 2,000 words behind todays count. Which means that I’m be 3.6k behind tomorrow. I need a 5k day to get ahead of myself. I need to be ahead of myself so that I can be ahead of the game as a whole. It’s just something that I need to, part of the personal challenge of NaNo.

I have three days off this week, so hopefully I’ll be able to this.

Bonfire pictures will be up tomorrow-ish. Hopefully.

I can’t believe I let myself get behind.

I’m so ridiculously tired today. Completely drained.

I’d shut my laptop down for the night, actually shut it down and put it to bed, before realising that I hadn’t blogged. Whoops.

I also didn’t say bye to the guys I was taling to on Skype!! Sorry!! Bye! Haha.

Um, that’s actually it for day. More “stubs” tomorrow.