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Today I’m writing this before I try to crack on with NaNo. That was always the plan with all these NaBlo’s, but for whatever reason that didn’t really happen, which is why I ended up with the “stubs” [as Nuri called them last year] of the previous few days.

I’m still behind on the word count. I went from doing really well to being really behind [in my own standards as well as the official word count per day]. Todays count should be 11,667. I currently have just over 8,000. I know I can catch up – I’ve had days like that before but I wish I had kept the motivation, or even ability, to have been ahead of the word count. I don’t want to have a 10k day – I don’t want to have one where I am writing to catch up – it’s a bit different if you’re already ahead of the word count though.

One of the amazing things about this NaNo is that I’ve managed to reconnect with some old friends, and that’s made me feel very happy. You know that stuff I was saying in one of my old posts about feeling lone[lier] than I had in previous years? Well, I’ve realised that just because I’m not in Canterbury, and not with my friends battling the NaNo bug, that I’m not alone. I have my friends from the internet. Which, if you’re a person I know in real life and think that saying something like that is a bit obscure – that friends can’t be made online – you are very wrong indeed.

My friendship with the people I have met online started as people hidden behind screen names and alias, but very quickly developed through the love of two things; the Reviews Lounge, and Harry Potter.

So when I talk about how amazing the world that JKR created, the magic of Harry Potter and the characters she created, this amazing world of possibilities and amazing feats – it’s more than that. It’s about the people that we meet, whether in reality or online, and the friendships that are forged because of this. These friendships are what is keeping my NaNo alive this year,

So thank you for the help guys, and helping keep me straight with the NaNo stuff,

End of soppiness.

As I was writing this today, I forgot that I was halfway through typing the entry and managed to get another 1,000 words written in-between writing the start of this blog entry and the end. Whoops.

Take care guys!