So I now have 14k and counting. I’m hoping to hit 15 before I head to bed tonight, but not sure if that’s going to happen yet. I’m sure that looking at my computer screen is doing my eyes in. I wish I had a static protector thing that reduces the flicker rate – or at least minimises its effect on my eyes.

Today had been a good day. Although the writing didn’t really kick in until about 16.00. So going stronger than yesterday, where I managed about 500 words before giving up for the day.

If I can get up to par, then it means I can get ahead of myself a bit tomorrow as well, which means I’d be able to take a break and have some time off. Maybe spend some time with Alex, considering I’ve not really done that so far this month. [NaNo is my month, and completely takes over].

My writing is still really awful, but I think that’ s because I didn’t really think out a plot or anything before I started this year. It certainly makes a different when it comes to writing something as epic as this. This NaNo isn’t nearly as structured as my last three. But this is a learning curve – and hey – only 36k to go.

I’ve chosen this as my NaNo theme this year: