My word count is almost exactly as it was yesterday. I make the effort to catch up, then don’t write much the next day and have to make the effort to catch up again. I’m not very happy about this mentality, but I suppose it’s good to take a day off. When I (eventually) get ahead I’ll take a proper day off with all the writing. At least, that’s the plan.

I have to hit 20k tomorrow, and I’ll be happy with the effort.

One thing I’m happy about is that the plot has (sort of) moved forwards a bit, so tomorrow I need to make the transition into the actual grit of the plot, which is slowly forming as I write. I mean, yesterday, for no particular reason as to demonstrate some witch craft, I wrote in an earthquake.

I so need to win this year. I’m looking forwards to having a Skype write-a-thon that is in the midst, which will be cool because hopefully everyone will be together just to chat too as well!

This blogging from my phone thing is quite handy for that awkward moment when you het into bed abs forget that you haven’t updated your blog for the day. Yay Android Apps! And thanks WordPress for not being completely exclusive to iPhone. Even if my phone is pretending to be one these days. (I’m slowly getting used to the latest HTC update).

That’s all folks,

Take care,