… if your life was dictated by how much Time you had left?

This is the basic premise of In Time the new film with Justin Timberlake taking his lead role as an actor. He was actually pretty good, in my eyes at least.

I really enjoyed the premise behind this film. How much you did, everything you do, is related to how much time that you have left, how much you can afford.

The poor live day-to-day existence, they get paid daily, they live daily. The rich only get richer, they live for as long as they like – practically immortal – unless of course they have a freak accident and killed. The poor die to get the rich in life. The other basic premise behind this film is the story of Robin Hood – stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, only this time, it could destabilise the entire system, and bring everything as they know it to a grinding halt.

Don’t you think that this is such an interesting concept? I mean, we all live by time, we keep track of it, we monitor it, but really, it doesn’t mean anything except passage, but here, it’s absolutely everything.

I loved that Olivia Wilde was in it, however briefly, as well. I genuinely think she’s a good actress, and am quite pleased that she’s branching out from House and into the movies.

Speaking of time, I’ve used mine today pretty well. I’ve managed to almost catch up. I’m 400 words (400!!!!) from todays target word count – which also marks the halfway point in NaNoWriMo. I’ve very pleased about this because I started this morning by needing to catch up with about 4k worth of words. This puts me back on target, and depending how I feel I may try to use the remaining hours of today to get a head start on tomorrow’s word count. But I may just go to bed and get some much-needed sleep.

I think I’ll leave it there for tonight,

Good luck getting to your halfway point Wrimo’s, I know you can do it!!